About me


I was born, brought up, and will die with the poison of cinema running through my veins.

I am a dog's best friend, though I love all animals and any other form of life in our wonderful planet.

I like spending time with my friends and family, listening to jazz, eating seafood and looking through the window on a rainy day.

My goal has always been the making of feature films and documentaries, although I go crazy about any other audio visual expression, like short films, music videos, art videos, etc.

I enjoy storytelling as well as to create sensations and build emotions, but I am also a passionate photographer who shoots anything that can  be susceptible of being or becoming beautiful.

Things you can find in my backpack: a Leica MP camera, four Black&White rolls of film, a notepad, a pen, a pair of sunglasses, an Eduardo Galeano's book with short stories, and a picture of my best friend.